A downloadable demo for Windows

Welcome to Random Procrastination Game!

...Or at least the demo of it.
You are a being made of pure shade, created by a sentient mask with supernatural powers for the purpose of stopping a self-aware character with an alcohol problem from permanently causing a world to be locked away. You know, typical RPG game stuff.

While it does not take place in the ACTUAL world of the full game, it does give insight as to what you shall expect.

V1.8: Fixed issues resulting in shutting down.

More information

Published62 days ago
GenreRole Playing
Tagsdemo, few-characters, RPGMaker, very-limited-ships
LicenseAll rights reserved
Asset licenseAll rights reserved
Average durationA few minutes
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

1) Download

2) Open RPG DEMO v1.exe

3) Extract

4) Go into RPG DEMO v1 folder

4.5) Click on application with the dragon icon. That's the game. I'm unsure if/how you can change it.


If Windows 10 prevents you from doing this, right click it >properties > general > at the bottom in the security section uncheck the "blocked" box


RPG DEMO v1.8.exe (27 MB)


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Update is coming with some extra stuff and improvements. We're slowly heading towards complete originality.